Construction & Real Estate

Bayerische Hausbau – bundled realty expertise

Founded in 1954, Bayerische Hausbau is the nucleus of the Schörghuber Corporate Group and today it bundles all the Group's construction and real estate activities under its roof.

This includes property development activities for residential and commercial buildings as well as the comprehensive management of the company's own assets. Bayerische Hausbau's primary focus is large-scale projects - also within its own portfolio - in attractive inner-city locations in Munich and Hamburg.

Real estate development and portfolio management

Bayerische Hausbau played a huge part in shaping the scenery of German cities throughout the last decades. Residential as well as commercial properties alike grew to lend their distinct character to urban districts in  major cities in Germany.

The value-based portfolio management as well as asset management is an integral part of the Construction & Real Estate division as well.

A sustainable method of operation combined with developmental knowledge ensure persistent success for the Construction & Real Estate division of Schörghuber Corporate Group.


Facts & Figures

The division Construction & Real Estate offers more than just impressive numbers: Creating high-quality spaces in which to live and work, setting standards in terms of public dialog as well as distinctive architectural notes, it remains open to innovation without sacrificing tradition.

Living, working and relaxing

As a property developer, Bayerische Hausbau creates high-quality space in which to live and work. This includes urban developments, office and commercial buildings, as well as sophisticated residential complexes in prestigious locations like the one at Nymphenburger 124.

Planning permission in dialog with residents

On a 9-hectare former industrial site Bayerische Hausbau is planning an urban development with about 1,500 apartments, retail and green spaces. With its dialog with local residents, realised throughout planning, Bayerische Hausbau has set new standards at Nockherberg.

Innovative concept for the Zoobogen complex

With Bikini Berlin, Bayerische Hausbau has pulled a listed property in its portfolio into the present, creating a special locale for shopping, work and relaxation. The concept shopping mall, enlivened by pop-up stores, lifestyle stores and restaurants, is attracting worldwide attention.

Adding highlights to the city center

Where once stood the Pschorr beer halls and the birthplace of Richard Strauss, Bayerische Hausbau added an architectural highlight with the Joseph Pschorr Haus. With its mix of residences and retail it serves as fresh interpretation of the classic commercial building.

Open to new asset management ideas

For Bayerische Hausbau, moving with the times means adapting the properties in its portfolio to changing circumstances. And so the building at Marienplatz 22 was renovated and enhanced by dividing it up into smaller retail units, adding a boutique hotel and giving it an understated, elegant facade.

Strong foundation needs solidity

With a portfolio valued at approximately 3.1 billion euros, Bayerische Hausbau has the financial strength that makes it a reliable partner even in difficult times. Between 2008 and 2010 the striking office complex THE m.pire was built and rented out completely: in the midst of the financial crisis.

Something old, something new

Combining the old fabric of a building with a new construction is one of Bayerische Hausbau's core competencies. On the former Togal premises it realised Lagot, a residential and commercial complex which includes a 19th century villa embedded into an ensemble of newly developed buildings.